At the end of The Heirs of the earth Bernat is killed: who is the actor, it is not easy to recognize him like this

Bernat in The Heirs of the Earth was killed and thus left the scene at the end: we show you what the actor who played him is like.

The Heirs of the Earth is a Spanish television series published on the Netflix streaming platform. In Italy it was broadcast for the first time on April 17 and the finale aired on May 1. The plot centers around the story of Hugo Llor played in adulthood by Yon Gonzales.

He played Bernt in The Heirs of the Earth: that’s who the actor is, would you have recognized him? (Credits: mediaset infinity)

After a series of events as a young man, Arnau Estanyol who had helped him in various circumstances, is killed and his son Bernat leaves and after his beloved was killed because she Jewish did not want to convert, we see him in an adult stage. Even earlier we saw that Bernat returned when his mother died, he wants to take revenge on the Puigs, the family who had his father killed, with the help of Hugo. He fails and is arrested. After working in the vineyards, Hugo starts working for the lord of Barcelona as a cellarman who then forces him to act as a courier. But Llor instead of helping him, keeps the letters as proof of treason towards the king. Bernat returns to Barcelona, takes power and gets his revenge also thanks to Hugo. In return, the latter asks for protection for his daughter Goods. The young woman lives in the palace with Estanyol, they fall in love and get married.

Bernart and Mercè become parents of a child. The male character was played by actor Rodolfo Sancho: have you seen how far away it is from the corsair’s robes?

Bernat is a strong and complex character: this is what the actor is like outside the set of The Heirs of the Earth

Bernat Estanyol is a character from The Heirs of the Earth. He falls in love with Mercè, Hugo’s daughter, they marry and become the parents of a boy. Unfortunately, the woman is kidnapped by Regina, her father’s wife because she wants to take revenge on her and the truth comes out. That is, Mercè is the daughter of a nun, Hugo’s sister.

But the nun says that in reality Mercè is the daughter of the devil and so Bernat repudiates her and remarries a noblewoman who, however, wants to kill her first child. In the end, after various events, Mercè manages to pass the test of burning coals and to obtain salvation, while Bernat, having learned the truth, wants to avenge and kill his bride but is killed. The death of this character has blown viewers, many hoped for a happy ending with Mercè. Strong and full of himself, we saw Bernat, ready to take revenge. But have you seen the actor off the set?

Rodolfo sancho, the heirs of the earth
Credits: instagram

Here you are Rodolfo Sancho far from the character of The Heirs of the Earth: would you ever recognize him? We must say that it is very different, not only in the dress that obviously in the series is adapted to the times and the figure brought on stage, but also some aesthetic details. And did you like this character and especially the series?