At the start AmbientArti, an ecological event in Bari

It will take place from 25 to 27 January in the Borgo Antico (De Gemmis Library)

Three days of information and sharing, a vast international project aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues. It is AmbientArti, the first Apulian ecological festival which will take place from 25 to 27 January 2023 in the De Gemmis Library, in the Borgo Antico of Bari. Organized by the television station Telebari, with the support of the Puglia Region, the event will be an to explore environmental issues such as the Green-Economy, through the different languages ​​of contemporary communication. From politics to art, passing through science, up to music and cinema.

“The role of our broadcaster – underlined the director of Telebari Maddalena Mazzitelli – has always been to inform and sensitize public opinion on important issues such as environmental protection. It is no coincidence that twenty years ago we created ‘Verde di Rabbia’, a format that has made school on a national level on these issues, deserving highly prestigious awards. This event was also conceived and wanted by me to lay the foundations for an annual fixed appointment that combines culture and the environment, and which make Puglia the meeting point between speakers and international companies, with companies from our area. With this prestigious event, the countdown begins in view of the 50th birthday of Telebari which will celebrate this historic milestone on April 19”.

“This Telebari initiative – declared the councilor for economic development, Alessandro Delli Noci – is an important opportunity to promote nationally and internationally issues dear to Puglia and at the same time to promote our region, its ability to be dynamic, innovative and attentive to sustainable development.After all, it is precisely with this objective that we have thought of an exploratory notice for the organization of co-branding events in which Telebari and many other local and national realities have successfully participated, that is, to support and convey the projection of a positive image of ‘Smart Puglia’ on the main international markets”.

“The story of the relationship between art and the environment – continued Angelo Ceglie – is dense and complex. AmbientArti constructs a visual itinerary that uses contemporary languages ​​to redefine the approach to this matter, with contributions from different languages ​​(cinema, music, the visual arts), great formal freedom and international quality”. “Ambient-arts – concluded Milly Tucci – is a window on the world that allows companies and startups to learn about the next opportunities offered by some foreign countries, but also to open a concrete operational dialogue with possible private investors”.