At the start of the European Council on the energy crisis, it is the latest of Mario Draghi

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The European Council is held today and tomorrow, the last of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in which the central themes are Ukraine, energy, economic issues and external relations. In particular, the proposals put forward by the Commission to deal with expensive energy will be evaluated. And the European Council calls for urgent work to be carried out on certain measures on the basis of the “Commission’s proposals, assessing their impact and taking into account the different energy mixes and national circumstances”. Among the measures “the temporary dynamic corridor of prices on natural gas transactions to immediately limit prices”. This is what the draft of the conclusions of the EU Council foresees, again filed in the night and with the agreement between the leaders who, on the gas price ceiling, continues to be far away. It is therefore not excluded that the text may change again.

Scholz: “With a ceiling on the price of gas, the EU risks having less”

“There is no doubt that prices must go down,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this morning, speaking to the Bundestag before the Council. “We look very carefully at the proposals of the European Commission. A cap on the price of gas, imposed by law, always carries the risk that gas producers will go to sell elsewhere and that we Europeans do not receive more gas, but less”. “Therefore Europe must agree in close contact with other partners such as Korea and Japan, so as not to compete with each other”, he added. “We also talk to gas producers of suitable prices. I am sure that countries like the USA, Canada and Norway, which together with us are in solidarity alongside Ukraine, have no interest in making energy in Europe priceless “, stressed Scholz.