Atalanta first in the standings, Feltri: “Team does not convince me”

“It seems strange to me that, with such a revamped team, such brilliant results can be achieved”

Atalanta beat Monza 2-0 and won first place in the Serie A standings, giving “a certain joy” to Vittorio Feltri, editorial director of ‘Libero’ and a genuine Bergamo supporter. A victory, however, obtained on a team of President Berlusconi. “It’s not the first time,” Feltri jokes at Adnkronos. And, becoming more serious, he explains: “I did not expect such a high return from Atalanta this year because I feared that the team had become impoverished and in any case had concluded a cycle. And instead, when you least expect it, these things happen. in football as in life and I must say that they gave me a certain joy. “

“Monza – adds Feltri – is not used to Serie A and therefore enjoys many mitigating circumstances. But I am convinced that it will be able to provide a higher performance than it has done so far. Now they want to start changing the coach; a costume, this is very consolidated in football. But I believe that, from the way they played in the first half, Monza has the potential to save themselves. ” Despite the good performances offered so far by the Bergamo team, however, Feltri does not indulge in easy enthusiasm. “I am not yet very convinced of this Atalanta. Things are going well but then we have to see in the rest of the championship because it seems strange to me that, with such a revamped team, if we want, we can get so many brilliant results. I’m very happy if it goes on. so, however, I am very amazed “, concludes Feltri.