Atalanta: KO Palomino and Scalvini

Defense emergency for the Goddess on Sunday against Udinese in the championship

Jose Luis Palomino raises the white flag. The Atalanta centre-back was injured and bequeathed another serious problem to coach Gasperini in view of the match against Udinese.

In fact, after Scalvini’s ankle injury, Atalanta loses another potential starter. Palomino suffered a strain to his left adductor, as a result of the instrumental tests after the last training session. Recovery times are now to be precisely defined, the Argentine will be monitored daily in Zingonia by the medical staff of the DEA.

Therefore, for both Palomino and Scalvini, no match against Udinese Sunday, the match in the next round against Napoli is also at great risk for both. for Adnkronos