Athletics, European Championships in Rome 2024 land in the Metaverse with XMetaReal

From September, all athletics enthusiasts will have a space dedicated to them and will be able to start exploring the venues of the European Championships

A sporting event to be experienced physically inside the stadium and on the streets of the city but also from a distance, immersing oneself in a new interactive digital environment. The European Athletics Championships in Rome 2024 will have a “phygital” dimension, thanks to the innovative project developed by the EuroRoma 2024 Foundation and by the company XMetaReal, specialized in the creation of experiences, services and contents within the Metaverse. The dream of Rome 2024 also takes shape in the digital world. Starting from September, all athletics enthusiasts will in fact have a space dedicated to them and will be able to start exploring the venues of the European Championships, where the best athletes on the continent will compete next summer. It will be a unique and immersive experience, never experienced before for a sporting event in Italy, with a strong power of attraction for the younger generations and beyond.

The young Italian Larissa Iapichino, who has just graduated from the Under 23 European champion in the long jump in Finland after the silver medal at the European indoor championships in Istanbul and the triumph obtained with Italy at the recent European team championships in Poland, sShe will be the first athlete to enter the Rome 2024 Metaverse as the official testimonial of the project.or. “While the countdown to next year’s Euros at the Stadio Olimpico has already begun, I can’t wait to jump into the Rome 2024 Metaverse and use my avatar to meet other visitors. The virtual world can represent a positive opportunity to bring new people, especially young people, closer to the disciplines of athletics, expanding the audience of spectators even in reality. It will be an honor for me to participate in such an innovative project, in which technology becomes a real springboard to consolidate Rome 2024 as an event capable of intercepting and enhancing society’s new trends» said Iapichino.

As Metaverse Experience Supplier of Rome 2024, XMetaReal will build a new digital environment inspired by the places that will host the European Athletics Championships. The Metaverse of Rome 2024 will be inaugurated in September, nine months before the start of the competition, which will be held from 7 to 12 June 2024. The space-time limits of reality will thus be overcome, to give anyone the opportunity to experience Rome 2024 as if it were in the “physical” places. Connected users from all over the world will be able to visit the Metaverse using an avatar, move from one place to another with the teleporter, take a complete tour of the track of the Stadio Olimpico and find out in preview where the platforms for the jumps and throws during the European Championships. In this way, fans of the various athletics disciplines will have a new tool at their disposal to select and book the ideal seat in the stadium to follow their favorite competitions live next summer.

To explore the Metaverse of Rome 2024 it will be sufficient to connect with the most common mobile and fixed devices, while those wearing VR viewers, specially designed for Virtual Reality, will live an even more immersive experience. Users will also be able to interact with digital assets and receive Rome 2024 tokens, collecting their full ownership. During the experience inside the Metaverse it will also be possible to move between the avenues and squares of the Foro Italico Park and visit the Commercial Village, where digital stores will be opened. A new channel made available to the event’s partners, which amplifies and extends commercial opportunities over time, pending the opening of the points of sale at the Foro Italico during the European Championships.

“The partnership with XMetaReal for the creation of the Metaverse gives a turning point to the organization of the European Championships and will allow athletics enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a modern, interactive and engaging space. Innovation is one of the key concepts of our plan and with the Metaverse of Rome 2024 we will offer the public from all over the world a unique experience, with a strong impact”, said Paolo Carito, director general of the EuroRoma 2024 Foundation which organizes the European Athletics Championships.

“The creation of the Metaverse for Rome 2024 opens up new scenarios and new ways of experiencing sport in an innovative and inclusive way. The possibility of transforming a sporting event into a social event, expanding the public and spreading the values ​​of sport represents reality today, physical and digital together. We must be proud as “Sistema Italia” of having given life to such an important initiative. Embracing digital innovation in such a particular area as sport really means cultivating a mindset that looks to the future. Once again ” leap forward” towards the Digital Transformation of our country”, concludes Vittorio Zingales, founder and CEO of XMetaReal.