Athletics, Jacobs assures: “I will be reborn again by overcoming obstacles”

The post of the reigning 100m and 4x100m Olympic champion: “Hurt by criticism, but I will never let anyone or anything stop me from dreaming and fighting”

Marcell Jacobs assures: “I will be reborn again by overcoming obstacles”. In a post on Instagram, the reigning Olympic champion of the 100 meters and the 4×100 explains that he has “many fears, but I am aware of all those, so many, that I have faced and overcome. And I will be reborn again, overcoming the obstacles that life throws at me again putting in front. I will succeed, because I will never let anyone or anything stop me from dreaming and fighting to reach my goals! See you soon and I hope to find you by my side once again”.

“I’ve been wanting to write something to you for some time, but I’ve never been able to find the right words – says the 28-year-old from Brescia -. But now I feel the strong need to tell you how I feel, it’s correct that you know. started the outdoor season and unfortunately it didn’t go the way I wanted.Yet despite having been stopped for almost a month due to my physical problem, despite knowing that I was in no way ready to achieve the results we all hoped for, I chose to take the field himself, knowing full well that probably many would not have understood that the result of that race was not the goal I set for myself”.

“It was important that I get back on track – the two-time Olympic gold medalist continues-. It was exciting to feel the joy bursting in my chest when I entered the stadium, to feel the adrenaline in my body, to feel the warmth of the crowd and to see the gazes of my opponents. How I missed it!I felt good on the starting blocks and started like I haven’t done in a while, but then the legs didn’t sustain that effort to the end, the necessary training was lacking and you know the result and the criticisms, the attacks, the teasing of those who do not know or even imagine how complicated the life of a professional athlete can be. In a moment all the results achieved seemed to be worth nothing and I am very sorry, because it would be nice if in such complicated moments I could be supported. But I don’t want to let all of this affect me and make decisions that aren’t the right ones for me. I want to remind you that I am a human being and I push my body to give 110% continuously, and I sweat, toil and spit blood every single day of my life to achieve really challenging goals”.