Athletics World Championships 2023, Jacobs runs with 4×100 in battery

The 100m Olympic champion will be on the track in the relay

Marcell Jacobs on track with the Italy relay at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest. The Olympic champion, two years after the gold in Tokyo, is back racing with the 4×100: tomorrow, Friday 25 August, he’ll be on the track in the heats at 7.30pm. Marcell Jacobs will be back racing tomorrow 25 August with the 4×100 relay, in battery at the World Championships in Budapest at 7.30pm. It was made official by the head of blue speed Filippo Di Mulo in the press conference on the eve of Casa Italia. “Marcell Jacobs will be in the second half – his words -. For the rest of the team I have to resolve the last doubts, I will give the formation only during the pre-match warm-up”.

“I’m happy to be here, also because I haven’t taken part in the 4×100 since Tokyo and I must say that I missed it a lot. I missed the group, being together, doing the exercises we usually do. We are determined and prepared for this relay, we are working well and in these two days I have tried the changes: there is an excellent feeling, the track is fast, we can have fun”, says Jacobs, fresh from elimination in the semifinal in the 100 meters.

“In the 100 meters it is a season in which the average level has risen a lot. There have been many surprises, with the exclusion of Kerley from the final. You could see that Lyles was in great shape, even if after the semifinal I would have bet something more on Coleman, but it was an open race,” adds the 100m and 4x100m Olympic champion.