Atlanta 3, the release date of the Donald Glover series

The wait is about to end. The release date of the third season of Atlanta has been announced. Donald Glover’s TV series was long in coming, considering how the second cycle of episodes made its debut in the now distant 2018. The pandemic has certainly not favored the production but somehow the cast and crew have it. they did.

Filming has also been postponed due to Donald Glover’s busy schedule. The good news, however, doesn’t stop there. If it is true that this third season has come very late, the production has also decided to shoot the fourth, immediately after the first closure of the shooting. It won’t be long, therefore, before we can see new episodes after those set in Europe.

Atlanta 3 will arrive in the United States next March 24, 2022. That’s when it will be broadcast exclusively on FX. Starting the next day, however, everything will also be available in streaming. As for the American market we talk about Hulu, while in Italy the show will find space on Disney +, also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick. It is not yet known whether the US timing will be respected or not in our country.

Atlanta 3, what do we know

A season that promises to radically change the cards on the table as regards the classic Atlanta balances. It will be set almost exclusively in Europe. Getting out of your comfort zone is already a huge novelty for the protagonists. Everything is changing around them. Earn, Paper Boi, Darius and Van are engaged in the central part of a successful tour across the ocean.

Group members will have the opportunity to explore new horizons. Each of them will feel enhanced by this experience in different ways. Looking at life from another perspective, that of a foreigner in a foreign land, can really push you to totally rethink the everyday life that seemed normal to you until the day before. Success has finally come, it just needs to be grasped. Despite this, however, they struggle to adapt to the vortex of emotions, commitments and responsibilities that have rained down from the sky.

Atlanta 2, how it ends

In the Atlanta Season 2 finale we see Earn busy convincing everyone that he can offer a lot to Paper Boi and Van, both as a manager and as a father. He decides for once to take the lead, without accepting whatever happens, only to complain about the unfair world.

It has a long list of things to do. Interview a potential show business attorney, get Al and Darius moved out of their apartment, and get everyone to catch an international flight on time. Luke gave him a hard time with the Paper Boi commercial on the European tour. Earn must therefore demonstrate what he is made of.

But he also finds time to be a father, for real. She and Van go to a parent-teacher conference, discovering that little Lottie is an advanced student. The two are advised to transfer her to a private school. It would take a lot of money to do that. Your daughter’s future has too often been sidelined. This will all have to change.

Everything seems to have gone well, but at the airport controls, here’s the drama. Uncle Willy’s golden gun is in his backpack. Earn remains silent and thinks about what he can do. Can’t make a mistake now. He left that life behind. Here, then, that simply puts the weapon in a bag and tells Paper Boi to hurry up to get to the plane. Behind them the alarm goes off and only later will it be discovered that the gun was found in Luke’s bag, arrested by the police and therefore off the tour in Europe.