“Atomic bomb on Gaza is an option”: Israeli minister shocked, Netanyahu fires him

The words of Amichai Eliyahu during an interview. Netanyahu spends it indefinitely: “Comments divorced from reality”

Drop an atomic bomb on the Gaza Strip? “It’s an option.” The shocking hypothesis was put forward by the Israeli Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Amichai Eliyahu, who expressed himself while answering a journalist’s questions during a radio interview. Yaki Adamker, one of the authors of the interview, released the text of the exchange on X.

The words of the minister

“We would not give humanitarian aid to the Nazis. There are no uninvolved people in Gaza,” the minister said. So, the direct question: “So what? Should we drop an atomic bomb on all of Gaza?” Eliyahu responded by saying that “this is one of the possibilities.” The interlocutors highlighted the presence of over 240 hostages in Gaza. Minister Eliyahu: “We pray and hope for their return, but in war there are also prices”, replied the minister.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissociated himself from Eliyahu’s words, stating that they are comments “disconnected from reality” and suspended the minister from government meetings indefinitely. The prime minister stressed that Israel and the armed forces “are acting in accordance with international law to avoid harm to civilians.” Opposition leader Yair Lapid called for the minister’s removal.

Eliyahu tried to correct the situation with a new statement: the reference to the atomic bomb, he said, was “a metaphor”.

Protest outside Netanyahu’s house, clashes and arrests

Israel is experiencing hours of internal tension, as demonstrated by the clashes and arrests that occurred at the protest demonstration that took place last night in front of Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem: hundreds of people had gathered there to ask for the prime minister’s resignation, reports the ‘Times of Israel’.

Clashes with the police then ended with the arrest of three people accused of attempting to breach the security cordon around the prime minister’s residence. The protesters were demanding a swap deal to secure the release of the hostages and accused Netanyahu of being responsible for the failures that led to the October 7 attack and of failing to prevent it.