ATP Finals, Diego Nargiso: “It’s ‘Sinnermania’, it drags the country like Italy to the football World Cup”

The former Italian told Adnkronos: “While in 1982 and 2006 we were 60 million technical commissioners, now we will be 60 million international tennis coaches”

Sinner? Last night on the pitch I had the feeling of an athlete who did the right thing, and who obviously, when he was called to play this third match, absolutely wanted to win it to demonstrate to one of his next title contenders of the best player in the world, that he absolutely can win us, after having lost twice out of two. So for him the most important thing was to win the match with Rune, given that in the car as he was going they told him that he was already qualified for the semi-final. It is for all intents and purposes what a player does when he goes on the pitch. And that’s why Jannik is respected the way he is. It was a great satisfaction for him to have beaten a player he had never beaten before on the pitch.” This is the thought of Diego Nargisoformer Italian tennis champion and now TV commentator, on Adnkronos on Jannik Sinner who last night he interviewed on the sidelines in a packed PalaApitour after the success of the South Tyrolean on Rune in the green group of ATP Finals.

“How much did the support of the public have in the most delicate moment in the third set? Jannik is someone who uses the public perfectly, he is now a master at that, he has also matured, because before perhaps he also used it in slightly less suitable moments. Now truly for the public of Turin and beyond it’s ‘Sinnermania’: from kids to adults, even people who haven’t watched tennis since Panatta. He is clearly doing what great champions do, that is, he is dragging a country. While in 1982 and 2006 we were 60 million technical commissioners, now we will be 60 million international coaches and this is the best thing that could happen to tennis. It’s absolutely wonderful what he’s doing and what’s happening with TV ratings as well. And it’s just the beginning,” Nargiso added.

Sinner awaits the opponent in the semi-final who will emerge from the red group, one among Alcaraz, Medvedev and Zverev, all three still in the running. “I believe that Medvedev is certainly a difficult player to beat, even if he has done so recently, so this taboo has also been dispelled. Alcaraz is a player who won Wimbledon, so it means that he has all the ability to play on the fast surfaces, as well as having different types of game variations that can put Jannick in difficulty, while Zverev has already won the ATP Finals and here he plays very well and always finds spectacular form. For the final title, however, we will always have to take into account Novak Djokovic”, concluded Nargiso.