ATP Finals in Italy even after 2025, Binaghi’s plan

“We will start from Turin because gratitude is fundamental”

Italy aims to retain the ATP Finals beyond 2025, when the current agreement expires. “I will win this match, when I say I am obviously talking about the Confederal Council which has the state delegation to manage this event in its future developments. We will obviously start from Turin because gratitude is a fundamental value for us, we will start by consulting with the Government, with the Municipality, the Region, perhaps even before that with Nitto, with Intesa Sanpaolo, with the Press Club. I win, I don’t know where, I don’t know for how long but the ATP Finals don’t end in 2025 in Italy”, says the president of Fitp , Angelo Binaghi, to those who ask him what will happen at the end of the 5 years of the event which will still take place in Turin for another two years.

“A reconfirmation for two years would not be a good victory, we have to win and convince all the way, we have to make a proposal that has to have a medium-long term impact, then there is the judge, in this case the ATP, but I I win, I’m very positive”, adds Binaghi who then, on the sidelines, observes: “Now the full prediction has started, one year, two years, we haven’t made any formal proposal to the ATP yet, give us time to make it I think it’s It’s our responsibility to do it at the right time and in a climate of such total euphoria I can’t help but be optimistic about the final outcome.”

“I believe that the miracles that Sinner is performing should be a lesson for us too. We will win this match, we will start from Turin but we will win it because I have the drive of Sinner, of a movement, ours, which has been growing continuously for 20 years and which is enthusiastic, I have the push of all the people of Turin and of all the Piedmontese and this year I think I can say that I have the push of the whole country, of the government authorities and of the Italian people who see in Sinner a new messiah, who is capable like the greatest in the history of our country to give to the rest of the world an image of industriousness, of work, of seriousness, of balance that we rarely even with our most famous representatives have managed to give in Italy”, concludes the president of Fitp.