Atreju, Fiorello jokes about Schlein: “He looked for it on Google Maps and…”

Jokes from the showman also on the clash over the general strike: “Drivers will be able to drive but with their arms crossed”

New episode for ‘Viva Rai2!’. Live from the ‘glass’ of the Foro Italico, Fiorello joked about the main themes that dominate today’s newspapers, 16 November 2023. Starting with Giorgia Meloni’s invitation to Elly Schlein at the Fratelli d’Italia event in Atreju. “Apparently Giorgia Meloni invited Elly Schlein to Atreju – she commented – Convinced that it was a location, Schlein searched for Atreju on Google Maps and ended up in a town from the Lord of the Rings. In the end – he concludes amidst laughter in the studio – she thanked him for the invitation, but didn’t accept. ‘I don’t have anything black to wear’ was apparently her response.”

But Fiorello, together with Biggio, Casciari and the whole gang, couldn’t help but talk about the clash over the general transport strike, reduced by the unions from 8 to 4 hours after the signing of the ordinance by Matteo Salvini. “And then if you think about it – Fiorello joked – there are also intermediate solutions: for example, drivers will be able to drive, but with their arms crossed. When they say ‘today the workers will fold their arms’”. The target of Fiorello’s irony is then, once again, politics: “Salvini resented the accusations of squadrism” – continued the showman – “it seems that he wore a sweatshirt with the words ‘you haven’t done anything to me, you face me’. snake’. In short, she didn’t take it!”.