Attack of diarrhea, US flight forced to return to Atlanta

“A biohazard problem”. This is the reason that pushed a Delta airline flight departing from Atlanta and bound for Barcelona to an emergency landing last Friday. This is what emerged from an audio fragment of the pilot released on social media and quoted by various international media, including the BBC. Basically, the reason that led to the decision was a violent attack of diarrhea involving an unfortunate passenger.

The decision to return to Atlanta

According to what emerged from the pilot’s audio, the passenger would not have been able to hold back and, consequently, “faeces and an unbearable stench” would have been detected inside the aircraft, as declared by a passenger to “El Mundo”. And again according to the Spanish newspaper, on returning to Atlanta several employees disinfected the plane for hours. “It is a biohazard problem, we have a passenger who has been ill and we are asked to turn back”, the pilot would have said, in particular, during the radio conversation with the control tower. In a statement to the site web Insider, Delta reported an onboard “medical issue” and confirmed Flight 194 from Atlanta to Barcelona returned to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.