Attack on Israel, Avi Pazner: “Hamas will pay a huge price”

The former Israeli ambassador to Italy: “Proportionally there are more victims than September 11th, fear of a second front to the north”

For the attack on Israel “Hamas will pay a huge, huge price”, this “is one of the largest terrorist operations known”, there are at least 200 dead, in proportion to the population “there are more victims than September 11, 2001” in the United States United. Former Israeli ambassador Avi Pazner said this to Adnkronos in a phone call interrupted, and then resumed, due to an alarm of incoming missiles.

“The attack by Hamas on a Saturday and holiday reminds us of the Yom Kippur war 50 years ago”, notes the diplomat. “This time it’s Hamas, perhaps I agree with Hezbollah – continues Pazner, alluding to the risk of an attack also in the north by the Lebanese Shiite militia linked to Iran. “We must be ready to fight on two fronts if there is need, we hope not, but we are prepared for this too. We will take all necessary measures for the safety of Israelis. And when I say all, we will understand in the next few days”, concludes Pazner.