Attack on Israel, Gad Lerner: “Worse than the Yom Kippur War”

“It is the end of an illusion: Israel thinks it is safeguarding a domestic democracy by denying its neighbor’s right to self-determination”

“Even 50 years ago there was an unexpected attack by Israel’s apparatus, but this attack is worse than the Yom Kippur War.” Gad Lerner thus responds to questions about the attack that Hamas has carried out and is still carrying out against Israel: over 300 dead and 1500 wounded among Israeli civilians. “I don’t remember a day in the history of Israel in which so many civilians died, with so many injured. This sense of humiliation of the security apparatus and the terrible sense of vulnerability of those who were attacked inside the territory of Israel. In the war of Kippur two armies faced each other, here it’s different”, says Lerner to In other words on La7.

“As a person who loves Israel and who has a large part of his family there, I say that a great illusion is coming to an end: for 56 years Israel has occupied territories inhabited by millions of Palestinians and has the illusion of being able to safeguard a domestic democracy, today unsafe and torn, but at the same time denying the neighbor’s right to self-determination. This story has lasted many years but it is fragile, explosive”, he adds.