Attack on Italian diplomatic offices, Cirielli: “No strategy, but ideological mavericks”

“Lighten the prison in Cospito? No, strengthen the response against criminal resurgences”

Behind yesterday’s attacks on Italian diplomatic posts in Barcelona and Berlin and in Athens last month, for which the anarchists’ lead is being followed, “I do not see an organized strategy, but rather ideological mavericks“. Deputy Foreign Minister Edmondo Cirielli gives this reading of the latest actions, which he condemns with “clear and lively concern and which push us to raise the level of security of our offices everywhere“. Actions that “should push us to tighten rather than lighten the sentences”, while the opposition is asking to revoke the 41 bis for Alfredo Cospito, also mentioned in the latest claims.

“I don’t think there is an organized strategy – says the deputy minister, speaking with Adnkronos – because with the means of investigation we have, those responsible would have already been identified if they had had an organization behind them. Rather we are dealing with ideological and fanaticized mavericks mavericks who in their madness feel like modern heroes”. According to the Fdi exponent, they are like activists who “vandalize cultural heritage in the name of a new fight against capitalism and its ills “.

Cirielli says no to any lightening of the sentences: “In general, beyond this story, the penalties in the Western world are already very light for those who commit crimes, in particular against people and property. In Italy there is no certainty of punishment and reward mechanisms keep prison away” even in the case of serious crimes. Therefore, says the deputy minister, “all the more so when there is the risk of a resurgence of criminal acts, in the specific case of acts of fanatics, I believe that the penalties should be increased”.

Finally, Cirielli, after expressing solidarity with the personnel of the offices involved, underlined how the “cowardly” attacks of these hours “push us to raise the level of security everywhere and to ask our partners and allies to guarantee the security of our consulates and embassies” . And he compliments the Spanish police for having promptly identified those responsible for the vandalism against the consulate general in Barcelona: “I don’t know the Spanish laws, but I hope their penalties are more severe”.