Attack on kibbutz Nir Oz, Hamas kills woman and posts video on its Facebook profile

Another atrocious story emerges after the Hamas attack on Kibbutz Nir Oz, in western Israel, a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip. An elderly woman was killed by terrorists and her death was captured on video. Those same images were posted by Hamas men on the woman’s Facebook profile. And so, from her social networks, her grandson Mor Bayder discovered that his grandmother had been killed (WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST, REAL-TIME UPDATES).

The horror on social media

The attack on the kibbutz began on Saturday morning. The terrorists passed without hindrance the fence that separates Gaza from the community of 400 people in the north-western Negev desert, less than a kilometer from the Strip. The agricultural settlement and its inhabitants ended up burned in a few minutes by the flames set by the jihadists, mowed down by machine guns. Like Mor Bayder’s grandmother, she discovered her fate on Facebook, where the terrorists posted the video of the murder using the victim’s phone and her Facebook page. “My grandmother, who lived all her life on Kibbutz Nir Oz, was killed yesterday in a brutal murder by a terrorist in her home,” her young granddaughter wrote on her social media site on Sunday. “A terrorist broke into her house, killed her, took her phone, filmed the horror and posted it on her Facebook wall. That’s how we found out.”

The torment of the grandchildren

Another of the woman’s grandchildren, Yoav Shimoni, told CNN that he had visited her on the kibbutz two weeks earlier to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. “I assume her house was the first point of contact for one of the terrorists who infiltrated,” he said, “grandmother was a super happy person, confident, optimistic, always in a good mood, always thinking about her family”. Mor published photos on Facebook of her with her grandmother, in New York, among the poppies of the kibbutz, in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It is a message that tells of the burden of those who did not lose their lives in the Hamas attacks, but carry on their shoulders the heartbreak of the atrocious end of a beloved family member. “My grandmother, my whole world, the light of my life, of my family, was killed… at seven in the morning I saw the nightmare of my life,” the young woman wrote on Sunday. “This morning I didn’t receive the message from her: ‘my dear teacher, have you gotten up?’, like every day. How tenacious you were, not a minute after seven. My heart is broken.”