Attack on Liverpool, police: “It’s terrorism”. Check video of the taxi explosion

The November 14 attack in Liverpool was formally declared as an act of “terrorism”, where the explosion of a bomb in a taxi caused the death of a man – allegedly the bomber – and the injury of the taxi driver. The local police announced it. Four men were arrested for the incident. The counter-terrorism also made known the identity of the alleged terrorist who died in the explosion: his name was Emad Al Swealmeen and he was 32 years old. The British “will not be intimidated” by terrorism, Boris Johnson said. The prime minister confirmed the police indication on the matrix and the decision to raise the terror alert in the UK from “substantial” to “serious”, with a “highly probable” threat. And in the meantime it also appears the video of the explosion, taken on a CCTV camera and published by some British media, including the The Sun.

The police: motive yet to be understood

Russ Jackson, head of counter-terrorism in the North West of England, spoke of the explosion of a “rudimentary” device and specified that the motive of those who made it “has yet to be understood”. However, he did not exclude that the goal could be one of the commemorations of Remembrance Day, an anniversary in which the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries remember the war dead, which was taking place just yesterday morning not far from the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, that is the great hospital in front of which there was an explosion, followed by a fire in the car. “We are aware that there were Remembrance Day events going on in the near future, we cannot draw conclusions at the moment, but it is a line of investigation that we are pursuing,” Jackson said.

The reconstruction of what happened

According to the reconstruction that emerged in the media, including Sky News, the only victim turns out to be the suspected bomber. While the injured, not in serious condition, is the taxi driver David Perry, who – noticing some strange maneuver of his passenger – would have stopped the vehicle, getting out and locking the doors to leave the individual locked inside just before the explosion. For this Perry was praised as a hero by both the British tabloids and the mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Interior Minister Priti Patel, meanwhile, condemned the episode calling it “horrible” and making it known that they are constantly updated on investigative developments.