Attanasio, his wife in Congo: “From a place of tragedy I send a message of hope”

Zakia Seddiki, who returned to Kinshasa with her daughters for the second anniversary of the murder of ambassador Luca Attanasio: “There is no time for hatred, that’s why we are here”

“It’s not easy being here at Kinshasaon this particular date, but we must face it with a smile and in a concrete way, carrying forward Luca’s projects”. He told Adnkronos Zakia Seddikiwidow of the ambassador Luke Attanasiowhich he decided to spend in Congo the second anniversary of the fatal ambush in which her husband was killed, together with the carabiniere escort Vittorio Iacovacci and the driver Mustapha Milambo.

“The message of the first anniversary was ‘the rebirth of the foundation’. And now we continue with a message of hope, of continuity, in the place of the tragedy, but also the place where together with Luca we have created a human relationship with children and women in trouble,” he explains Zakia Seddikipresident and founder of the Mama Sofia Foundation‘, which aims to pass on Attanasio’s heritage of values ​​and spiritual heritage, or rather “Luca’s simplicity, his choice to undertake a diplomatic career to be useful to others and his great love for Italy. He , by the way, it was always concrete and in a concrete way and with great respect we must remember it”.

To do this, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the diplomat’s murder, the Mama Sofia Foundation has launched, with the patronage of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and University, 43 scholarships for as many young people from twelve countries. “We want to help these kids to have a better future, taking advantage of the Italian training system. And give them the possibility of realizing their dreams and projects through training”, underlined the widow Attanasio.

It is through the humanitarian initiatives in memory of the ambassador killed in Congo That Zakia Seddiki she wants to remember her husband. “He was positive and his smile will have to continue. Only in this way can we feel him alive and with us”, he explains to Adnkronos on the second anniversary of Attanasio’s death, which he is spending in Kinshasa, together with their daughters. He tries to pass on his father’s values ​​to them, “social commitment, respect for others, continuing to love, without wasting time hating. This is also why we are here today”.

A spiritual legacy, that of the Italian ambassador, which is not intended only for his three daughters. “Luca is a representative of the institutions, who best represented Italy. It is right to remember him as the example our young people need”, underlines his wife, applauding the “various initiatives that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is bringing forward to remember Luke”.

For this the widow Athanasius he thanks “all the institutions and in the lead the Farnesina, because they are carrying forward the memory of Luca as they should”, who on the other hand at the Farnesina “has left a second family. From them we feel the closeness for a colleague, but also for one of the family, who will always be there.”