August holidays between Ibiza and Formentera for the Ferragnez

The family enjoys some relaxation in a luxurious villa with swimming pool, private chef and bowling tavern

August holidays a Ibiza for the Ferragnez. The couple, ‘reunited’ and at rest after various work commitments of both, left with a private jet together with figsthem Leone and Vittoriasharing step by step, with their millions of followers on Instagram, all the stages of theirs dream holiday. From a video depicting little Vittoria, with funny pigtails on her head, who eats a piece of margherita pizza on the private jet that took the family to Ibiza, to the photos of the arrival at Balearic Islands in the luxurious two-story villa, equipped with a huge swimming pool, a basketball court and even the bowling in the tavern. Couldn’t miss one private chef which, as seen from the Instagram stories of Chiara and Fedez, every day prepares simple dishes for the family but served with care. But the Ferragnez do not always remain closed in the villa: here is the romantic aperitif in front of the best sunset on the island. After a few costume shots showing the brand of the well-known entrepreneur, the family left for a boat trip to Formentera, with a stop for lunch in a famous local restaurant to taste the house specialty: paella, served in the classic maxi pan. Finally, the return home with the swimming lessons in the pool with dad Fedez for the little Lion, while Chiara enjoys the day of relaxation lying in the sun, disturbed only by the splashes of the water gun with which her husband enjoys holding them. real ‘ambushes’.

(by Alisa Toaff)