“Aunt, run. Dad killed mom.” The call from the son of Vincenza, killed in Andria

The sentence in the order with which the investigating judge of the Trani court applied precautionary custody in prison for voluntary homicide against Luigi Leonetti, who confessed to the femicide. The 51-year-old to rescuers after his wife was murdered: “Come, I committed something stupid”

“I did something stupid… come upstairs, it was me…. Stay here…”. These are the words you uttered last Tuesday late afternoon, Luigi Leonetti, 51 years old, from Andria, to the 118 rescuers who he himself had called to warn them that he had stabbed his wife Vincenza Angrisano, 42, to death in their home three kilometers from the city, on the provincial road 231. This is what we read in the order with which the investigating judge of the Trani court Lucia Anna Altamura did not validate the arrest of a crime suspect but applied the precautionary custody in prison for voluntary homicide requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office towards the man, confessed to femicide. Three blows were delivered to the chest and abdomen. The charge is of voluntary homicide aggravated by the fact of having committed the crime against his spouse.

The health workers found him near the access gate to the house, which was making a sign to enter inside the fence. The woman’s body was on the first floor on the floor of the corridor just outside the bathroom. According to what the health workers reported to the investigators the couple’s two children, aged 6 and 12, were in their room at the end of the corridor with the door half-closed when help arrived. Leonetti told the same rescuers that he had stabbed her because he “had been betrayed by the aforementioned woman”. The order also reports the phrase that the couple’s eldest son uttered during an alarm phone call to his aunt that afternoon: “Aunt, dad stabbed mom…, he killed mom… run…”.

Leonetti, in his subsequent statements before the public prosecutor, added that on the occasion of the previous attack on his wife a few days earlier when, scolding her for having returned late in the evening, he had beaten her, forcing her to go to hospital for treatment, he had meditated ” his own murderous intent, not hiding – writes the investigating judge – that this thought had crossed his mind”.