Aurora Ramazzotti’s mother-in-law is wonderful: ‘top’ grandmothers together with Michelle Hunziker

Aurora Ramazzotti’s mother-in-law is wonderful: here she is with Michelle Hunziker, two grandmothers at the ‘top’.

Aurora Ramazzotti confirmed that she is pregnant. The news had come as an indiscretion through the weekly Chi. Initially when it came out it did not find confirmation from the person directly concerned. About two weeks ago the daughter of Eros and Michelle Hunziker posted a video with unmistakable footage.

Aurora Ramazzotti, mother-in-law (credits: instagram)

She first went through all the years in which the news of her possible pregnancy had come out until the last moment. Her boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza, in the video of her approaches her bringing her a sandwich and she begins by saying that she wanted a double cheeseburger. Goffredo exclaimed: “Aren’t you pregnant?“, And the ironic answer of the young woman confirmed this. In support of the video she had written: “We wanted to apologize to all the friends we had to deny over the course of this month. When the news came out it was not yet the time to communicate it publicly“. The gesture of Eros Ramazzotti moved, during his concert at the Verona Arena, who made a special dedication to his daughter: “You make me a grandfather. I want him on stage to sing with me whether he is a mallet or a female ”.

In the last few hours Aurora has revealed the sex of the baby: she will become a mother for the first time of a boy. Michelle Hunziker couldn’t hold back the emotion and posted a photo of her among her stories of her in which she appears with tears of joy. Just Michelle a few days ago had posted a photo of her in her ig in which he showed himself together with the mother-in-law of the future mother: here they are together as they stroll around the city!

Aurora Ramazzotti’s mother-in-law is wonderful: ‘top’ grandmothers together with Michelle Hunziker

Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza will become parents of a boy. She revealed it in the last few hours, the young woman sharing a series of images of the party organized to discover the sex of the baby. The future grandfather Eros reacted by sharing on social networks, among his stories, a blue heart.

Of course, Michelle Hunziker’s reaction also arrived and she posted a photo on social media in which she shows herself with tears in her eyes: “Me after having just found out“, He writes in support. Just Michelle had shared a few days ago a photo with your daughter’s mother-in-law, have you ever seen it?

mother-in-law aurora ramazzotti
Michelle, mother-in-law Aurora (credits: instagram)

There seems to be a beautiful relationship between the two. In the shot as they cross the street they look at each other and have some shopping in their hands. The accompanying presenter wrote: “Grandmothers“. Goffredo’s mother, Aurora’s boyfriend, is a beautiful woman. What can I say, two grandmothers around the city, happy and more close-knit than ever.