Austin underwent surgery for prostate cancer, Pentagon number 1 still in hospital

Clarity on the conditions of the Secretary of Defense

Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense, is hospitalized for prostate cancer. This was announced by the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the Pentagon’s number 1 is treated. Austin’s condition has become a case for information management even within President Joe Biden’s administration. The tumor, the note highlights, was identified at an early stage.

Austin underwent a “minimally invasive surgical procedure” on December 22. “He was under general anesthesia during the procedure. Secretary Austin recovered from the operation without any problems and returned home the next morning. The cancer was detected early and the prognosis is excellent.” The story fueled discussions and questions when it emerged that Austin returned to hospital on January 1st and the hospitalization – necessary for a urinary tract infection – was not made known for 4 days. Since January 1, Austin has never undergone general anesthesia.