Australia, ship saves three men on catamaran attacked by sharks

Nasty adventure for three people, two of Russian nationality and one French, in the crystalline waters of Australia. They were rescued while floating aboard an inflatable catamaran in the shark-infested Coral Sea, some 800km from the city of Cairns. According to reports from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, the rescue was provided by a merchant ship that crossed paths with the three men adrift: “Both of the hulls of the boat were damaged following multiple shark attacks”, he said stated in a note.

The adrift catamaran

The three surviving sailors wanted to reach the city of Cairns from the Vanuatu archipelago, located more than 2,000 km away, AMSA explains. Early Wednesday morning they activated a distress signal. Footage from a helicopter showed the huge cargo ship Dugong Ace approaching the catamaran floating in calm seas. The Coral Sea teems with gray reef sharks and other species, such as tuna and marlin. According to the Australian government, it is home to more sharks “than almost any other monitored site in the world”.