Australia, thousands in the streets for constitutional recognition of indigenous peoples

A change for which they hope to be able to vote in the referendum to be held on 14 October

Thousand of people taking to the streets today in Australia to ask for the recognition of indigenous peoples to be included in the Constitution. A constitutional change for which they hope to be able to vote in the referendum to be held on October 14, ABC News reported. If this measure were passed, Indigenous peoples – who make up 3.8% of the Australian population – would be recognized in the Constitution and an advisory body would be established to provide support and guidance in Parliament on policies that affect them. A body which, although it would advise the government on matters involving Australia’s First Nations, would not have the power to make funding decisions, nor could it veto any government resolutions.

According to the Yes23 group, organizer of the “Walk for Yes” events, the march in Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city, alone attracted around 20,000 people. Demonstrations are also planned in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin and Newcastle. At the same time, a crowd of Indigenous people also gathered on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, United States, to demand a voice in the Australian parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This series of demonstrations comes after the results of the latest polls, released last week, predicted the defeat of the “Voice to Parliament” movement.

To implement the constitutional change, the proposal would require a national majority in favor of a referendum and majorities in at least four of Australia’s six states.