Austria, discovery of a 2000 year old child’s shoe with intact laces

A shoe with laces still intact belonging to a child and dating back more than 2,000 years was found in Austria. The model is made of leather and the size corresponds approximately to a size 30. According to the German Mining Museum Bochum-Leibniz Research Museum for Geo-resources, the shoe was probably made in the 2nd century BC

The discovery

The shoe was found by archaeologists in the western village of Dürrnberg, where rock salt mining took place as early as the Iron Age. The salt, particularly suited to preserving organic remains, is believed to have kept the shoe in extremely good condition. “Our research activities in Dürrnberg have provided us with valuable finds for decades to scientifically explore early mining activities. The condition of the found shoe is exceptional,” said Professor Thomas Stoellner, head of the Research Department of the German Mining Museum. Archaeologists discovered the shoe among other organic remains, including a wooden shovel fragment, and laced fur remains that may have come from a fur hood.