Austria, lockdown for unvaccinated today

The lockdown of at least 10 days for people not vaccinated against Covid starts today in Austria. As decided yesterday in a meeting between the Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and the governors of the regions, the unvaccinated will be allowed to leave their homes only to go to work, for essential services or for medical emergencies. In the past 24 hours, 11,552 cases have been recorded in Austria and the weekly incidence rate has risen to almost 850 per 100,000 people.

Fines of up to 1,450 euros are foreseen for those who violate the lockdown, with the exception of students. The head of government in Vienna has made it known that, if they deem it necessary, the regions will be able to introduce more stringent measures. The government, as explained last night by the Minister of Health, Wolfgang Mueckstein, is also considering the possibility of imposing a night curfew for everyone from 10 pm.

The minister explained that the goal of the lockdown is to encourage vaccinations and reduce social contacts by about 30%. Currently around 65% of the population is vaccinated. In recent days, the government had made it known that the lockdown would eventually be triggered when the threshold of 600 intensive care beds occupied was reached, but the trend is increasing and the authorities have decided to anticipate the measure.