Author chills, horror arrives at the cinema with Maria Grazia Cucinotta

It will be distributed on Italian screens starting from 7 June 2023 Author thrillsthe anticipated thriller directed by Pierfrancesco Campanellaof which he is the protagonist Maria Grazia Cucinotta in the unusual guise of a sui generis director willing to do anything to make the film of her life (or her death?).

A great test for the beautiful Sicilian actress, here in one of her most convincing interpretations, according to all those who have been able to see Author thrills preview. The other performers in the film are Franco Oppini, Emy Bergamo, Adolphus Margiotta, Nicholas Gallo, Chiara Campanellain addition to the iconic presence of Joy Scola, diva of the eighties / nineties, back in front of the camera after many years of absence. The added value of Author thrills is finally given by the extraordinary participation, in a significant cameo, of Sebastian Sommaacclaimed star of many television dramas.

Written by Lorenzo DeLuca and by Campanella himself, the film uses the photography of Francis Cicconeof the assembly of Francesco Tellicofrom the soundtrack of Fabio Massimo Colasantiof the sets and costumes of Laura Camia. The particularity of Author thrills is given by the narrative structure, in which the main plot embeds other equally strong stories in a captivating symbiosis, effectively generating an original return to the episodic feature film, a very popular genre in the Sixties (a title above all: Three steps into delirium).

Another singularity of the film is the main location: it is the hotel “Ospite Inatteso” in Montalto di Castro, where the famous film producer Alfredo Bini stayed permanently, to whom we owe many masterpieces in the history of our cinema and which he bequeathed the memorabilia and memories of his prestigious activity in the same hotel, which has now become a veritable “museum of the seventh art”.

Murky and disturbing atmospheres for a deadly cocktail of blood, perversion, mystery, violence, sensuality, murders. A tension in the throes envelops the viewer from the first to the last shot, when the intricate skein unravels, after an incredible flurry of shocking twists.

Author thrillsafter being screened in public for the first time at the well-known Ischia Global Film Festival 2022, organized by Pascal Vicedomini, it won two important awards (“best thriller” and “best direction”) at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival 2022, as well to have been awarded in the same year as “best thriller” at the Bloody Festival Rome.

Author thrillsproduced by Sergio De Angelis for Cinemusa / Cinedea, with the artistic contribution of Angelo Bassi, is distributed by Parker Film / Galassia Cinema