Auto, Cattaneo (Fi): “Transition not under discussion, we need a business-state pact”

We believe that the ecological transition is not in question. Maybe we are divided on how to get to those goals. We believe that it is a productive way of working a pact between companies and the state. I believe that we can only reach our goals if there is a true pact with the industry and if we help it to transform itself and seize the opportunities that can exist in a phase of transformation “. Alessandro Cattaneo, group leader of FI in the Chamber, in his speech at the assembly of Federchimica Assogasliquidi. “And this is a sector in which this way of working is absolutely necessary. The opportunities that the PNRR makes available must be seized, research in these areas must be supported with more conviction. We all want respect for the environment that is true and different from the past, but to achieve it we are extremely convinced that we need a pact signed between the state and businesses, not a conflict. This is our liberal recipe ”.

On the electric there has been too much ideology and little pragmatism. I say this even before as an engineer than as a politician. This objective of the electric motor – emphasizes Cattaneo – brings with it many problems and risks not achieving the objectives it proposes, which with a transition accompanied by liquid gases or biofuels would be more easily achievable. So we should look at the numbers more, because among other things the energy crisis aggravates this problem. We are working in Europe so that that decision is revised or at least extended and certainty and dignity be given to an entire sector that deserves it ”.