Auto, Foti (Fi): “Electric transport 2035 mirage not within our reach”

“First of all, we must try to erase the danger of 2035 from the horizon, by which we should all go to an electric transport. Why do we talk about a mirage that is beyond our reach, but I also think beyond the reach of all of Europe. And that strongly risks making the automotive sector no longer make any kind of study or progress in the coming years, given that the shortest life span of a vehicle is at least 8 years. So if we look to 2035 there will no longer be any real research in this sector “. member of Forza Italia, Tommaso Fotiin his speech at the assembly of Federchimica Assogasliquidi.

“If you start serious reasoning regarding the current situation, try to encourage decarbonisation activities that can also be achieved with an incentive policy, it is clear that at this point we are creating a much more rational combination, in the sense that – explains Foti – we leave a part of the market to electricity but otherwise we are confronted with solutions that can lead to companies from various sectors to study the best technologies that otherwise would fail after several years. the data tell us that part of the CO2 present does not depend only on transport “.

“For example, we know that there are heating systems that cause even much higher emissions. We must act on these issues, 110% could be a way in this direction, we must not preclude sectors like yours from being able to have development and a ‘ meritorious existence that has brought far more than flattering results in our country ”, concludes Foti.