Autogrill strengthens its partnership with the Community of San Patrignano in the name of inclusion

The ‘Romagnola’, the piadina created by the young people of the Community, enters the points of sale in the Adriatic area

Closer relationships in the sign of inclusion. A new stage of the collaboration between Autogrill and the San Patrignano Community, aimed at promoting re-education courses that enhance work and social relations within the addiction recovery process. The new element of the collaboration, which follows an agreement for the use by Autogrill of some of the products of the agri-food center of the Community, takes the form of the development and subsequent re-launch on the market of an Autogrill recipe to which the young people of San Patrignano, within the path of re-education and rehabilitation which involves learning a trade. This is how the “Romagnola” enters the Autogrill points of sale in the Adriatic area piadina created thanks to the commitment of the young people of the Community who, inside the San Patrignano dairy, learn the techniques of artisan processing and maturing of cheeses, and who have channeled their energies and their commitment into the creation of a new product.

“Autogrill and the San Patrignano Community are linked by a partnership that shares a common vision with a view to developing and promoting projects and good practices on the subject of inclusion and growth, aimed at generating well-being for society and the environment”, commented Gabriele Belsito, HR Director of Autogrill. “We have had the honor of being hosted by the San Patrignano Community on several occasions, not least the Directors’ Meeting that we organize annually and, in this direction, we wish to continue our virtuous collaboration to continue to activate recovery paths together that pass through the learning of artisan trades, professional training, the acquisition of skills that enhance personal skills, to regain self-confidence and plan one’s future”. “We are delighted to consolidate our collaboration with San Patrignano through one of the iconic products of Romagna and of Italian gastronomy in general,” commented Luca D’Alba, General Manager of Autogrill Italia. “The Piadina Romagnola combines two founding values ​​of Autogrill, a commitment to social issues and a passion for the area and its excellence”.

“L’proactive approach to ESG issues, which represents the real added value of this partnership, well exemplifies the spirit and mission with which the CEOforLIFE Community was born, i.e. create synergies and encourage dialogue between Institutions, companies, Associations, Next Gen, accelerating and spreading projects and good practices in terms of inclusion and growth, understood as the ability to produce well-being, in its deepest sense, for society and the environment”, underlines Giordano Fatali, President and Founder of CEOforLIFE. The encounter with the world of work and business allows, on the one hand, the young people of the Community to build their own path of professionalisation and empowerment on which to build their own future; on the other, to companies, to translate policies in the field of sustainability into an approach based on real needs for inclusion. “Our squacquerone is twice as good because it expresses the pursuit of excellence, starting from the entirely internal supply chain, and the rebirth of the community’s kids. In San Patrignano, thanks to training sectors such as the dairy, we stimulate the desire for personal growth and the acquisition of a skill that enhances personal skills. We believe that every activity, if carried out with passion and competence, can become the access key to re-entering society head-on. We are proud of the opportunity Autogrill is offering us.” Roberto Bezzi, President of the San Patrignano Agricultural Cooperative.