Autonomies, Calderoli at Live in Naples: “DDL approval by the end of the year”. VIDEO

The Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies talks about the law that should pass in the Senate and in the Chamber by the end of 2023. “It is a fact that Italy is divided,” he says. But “opposition to the bill is an ideological position”

On Sky TG24 Live In Naples there is talk of differentiated autonomy with the minister Roberto Calderoli who opened the meeting by talking about the next stages of the approval process of the bill. “Parliament’s timing is dictated by Parliament itself: there are 20 articles but I believe that 4 months are right and adequate for the examination by the Senate and by the end of the year, therefore, also to be approved by the Chamber” . And he adds: “Citizens know perfectly how many and which taxes they have to pay but no one has ever made a list of rights and duties that must be guaranteed on the national territory. We need a shopping list that the citizen can check how and if that function is provided by the subjects. There are 23 Lep subjects for essential levels, if by the end of the year we were to reach even just 15, that’s fine, the important thing is to at least start with the process”. (LIVE IN NAPLES. THE SPECIAL – UPDATES OF THE SECOND DAY)

Calderoli: “Opposition to the bill is ideological”

Some governors argue that the reform wanted by Calderoli will widen the gap between North and South and that Italy will be divided in two. “It is a fact that Italy is divided. Not in two, but also in three, four, five parts: just think of the Islands, the suburbs, the big cities. The Regions that voted against the law are all governed by members of the Democratic Party: two have themselves asked for differentiated autonomy, Emilia-Romagna and Campania. Contrasting this law seems to me to be a very ideological position,” Calderoli said. “With Minister Fitto we have decided to create a fund for an extraordinary intervention to recover the infrastructural gap that exists between the North and the South of the country”.