Autonomy, Calderoli: “It will allow us to achieve the unification of the country”

“It is clear that a region of 120 thousand people has different needs from a region of 10 million inhabitants” with differentiated autonomy “we can achieve the unification of the country, overcoming the southern and northern question”. Rebirth of the provinces is an objective that I care a lot about, I would dedicate this festival to pacification”. Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomy Roberto Calderoli, speaking at the Festival of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, underway at the Carignano Theater in Turin.

On differentiated autonomy, the minister continued, “we have arrived at approving article 3 which delves into the essential levels of performance, I thank Professor Cassese who identified the subjects to be included and those to be kept out and I hope for the end of October to bring home a first draft that definitively establishes what theThe P”.

“It is absolutely necessary to finance healthcare sufficiently – said Calderoli – but it is also necessary to manage those resources well because there is no way in the world that the average per capita expenditure of a Region is 100 euros more than another with difference that from that Region everyone goes to the other to be treated. Therefore – added the minister – it is not only a quantity but also the quality of the use of resources, therefore it is not enough to administer it is necessary to administer well and this responsibility will make the best possible the resources we have available”