Autonomy, Conte: “The unity of the country sold off for the regional ones”

On the Cospito case: “Donzelli and Delmastro 2 kids on a school trip. Nordio as Pontius Pilate”. In view of the regional elections in Lazio, the M5S president closes ranks, ‘task force’ meeting

“We are now at the fourth rewrite of the Calderoli draft. But here the theme of the unification of Italy is dealt with as if it were a private matter between majority partiesThus the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte live on his Facebook page, after the Council of Ministers unanimously approved the Calderoli bill on differentiated autonomy.

“The patriot Meloni pays Salvini the tax to keep him in the majority and in fact sells off the unification of Italy for a few percentage points more in view of the competition in the Lombardy region and in Friuli Venezia Giulia in perspective” says the president of the M5S.

“This is not how Italy’s unity is treated, we will not allow social cohesion and the sense of a common belonging to a single destiny to be compromised. We will oppose this autonomy project especially on health and school – he articulates – we cannot allow the foundations for 20 different school systems to be built here and we cannot even allow teachers to be paid according to the context, we cannot allow the gap between north and south to increase”.

During the live broadcast, Conte also addresses the Cospito case. “The mafia and terrorism emergency is a theme that has crossed over with the superficiality, inadequacy and improvisation of the government. There is strong concern about the attacks abroad, the street clashes and terrorist threats, and all this the government reacts? Donzelli and Delmastro acted like two kids on a school trip. The two are partners and roommates and have exchanged confidential information. Imagine the scene: they nudge each other” says the former prime minister.

“And this confidential information – he continues – will allow him the next day to make an attack on the Democratic Party who went to visit Cospito in Sassari. Donzelli carries out an attack for party reasons and thinking about the polls instead of thinking about more important values that they are at stake because by revealing that information, he risks jeopardizing ongoing investigations and giving an advantage to mafiosi and terrorists, only to attack the opposition and to restore his virginity and relaunch an image of steadfastness in the fight against the mafia. puzzling political and institutional”.

“I ask Meloni respecting his two loyalists, Donzelli and Delmastro, did he know anything about it? So show it, don’t let party solidarity prevail but let loyalty to the republican institutions prevail. So force one and the other to resign ‘other”.

“Dear Minister Nordio, in Parliament you washed your hands like Pontius Pilate – Conte continues – For years you have been leading a crusade against wiretapping and the disclosure of confidential news and information. But now that you have done the abuse, what will you do? What do you answer?”.

REGIONAL LAZIO – In view of the Lazio regional vote, Giuseppe Conte ‘closes ranks’ and brought together in an assembly (many in attendance, in Campo Marzio, others connected) a Lazio ‘task force’ of the M5S, for a total of over one hundred people . AdnKronos learns it from M5S sources.

“We need to make our presence felt in every area, neighborhood and market. We need to make our strengths known, which are the validity of the program and the strength of our candidate Donatella Bianchi’s credibility. We talk to people, we talk to them looking the citizens in the eye, with the sincerity that distinguishes us: there are many issues that are ours, let’s not leave the citizens alone. Let’s get active, regardless of Donatella’s participation, let’s continue to preside over every neighborhood” the words of the M5S president addressed to the task force of Lazio’.