Autonomy, De Luca show: “Government is destroying Italy, ready for barricades”

“They are trying to blackmail the South. And we won’t let ourselves be blackmailed”

“The government is ruining Italy. We are ready to set up the barricades and we will not be fooled by these lunatics.” Rally show of the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca who inaugurated the regional stand at Bit 2024. The Campania governor took the opportunity of the tourism fair to give life to a vibrant protest against differentiated autonomy and the blocking of funding cohesion and development. There was much applause from those watching.

“On February 16 – says De Luca – there will be a demonstration by the local administrations in front of the Ministry of Cohesion, in Rome. We are all mobilized to unblock the development and cohesion funds that have been blocked for a year and a half due to a position of political blackmail that they want to use towards the regions. All the reasons they are giving are all nonsense. The truth is that they are trying to blackmail the South. And we will not be blackmailed. We will be there to demonstrate against the government and the Minister for Cohesion until resources arrive.” He then adds: “On the 17th in Naples we will also have a demonstration with the entire world of culture and entertainment which is paralyzed by these irresponsible people.”