Autonomy, Marsilio: “We need a correct division of resources and powers”

“I hope in summary Meloni”

The bill on autonomy “must contain a balanced division of resources and powers. That’s all. If I’m worried about the Calderoli draft? Everything worries me: bills, autonomy. We live with worries. This is not a different concern from many others”. This was stated to Adnkronos by the president of the Abruzzo Region Marco Marsilio, a member of the Brothers of Italy, questioned about the new draft on the autonomy of the Northern League minister Roberto Calderoli in view of Thursday’s Council of Ministers.

Marsilio says he is “concerned” about the level of the debate: “It is not possible to have a real discussion on this issue, every word spoken is exploited. I rely on Meloni’s ability to synthesise and the government as a whole”. Do you think that Minister Calderoli has listened sufficiently to the requests of the governors of the Center and of the South? “I have always talked to Calderoli and he has always listened to me. Furthermore, a fundamental law on fiscal federalism in Rome and the overcoming of historical spending bears his name. In its history, it has already demonstrated an ability for synthesis and dialogue, I am confident that this will happen even now”, replies Marsilio.