Autonomy, Salvini: “It will be a reality by 2023”

The leader of the League: “We are people who keep their word”

Autonomy will be a reality by 2023”. This was assured by the Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. “We have a wonderful team in CDM, we have friends who sometimes start from different assumptions, but then always arrive at a common synthesis. And this is why I am sure that, after 30 years of battles, thanks to our commitment and to the serious and compact centre-right of the League, autonomy will be a reality by 2023″, he said speaking at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan for the presentation of the League’s candidates in the next regional elections in Lombardy.”Federalism and presidentialism – he added – because we are people who keep their word in the programme”.

“Some superintendencies are populated by ‘lords of the no’. the I have boxes full of ‘lords of no’. And this also applies to anything you have to do in Milan”. “We cannot continue wasting years of time even with the controversy over the Milan stadium,” explains Salvini. Also because “there are companies ready to put in one billion euros and others who say nothing will be done. Do they pay the millions of euros to redevelop the San Siro district?”. Then he warns: “I was talking about it with the Minister of Culture Sangiuliano. In the next few days I think I will finally be able to have my first meeting with the Italian superintendents because there are some superintendents who do their job well and there are others populated by ‘signor no’”.

Salvini said he was convinced that “our victory in the regional elections in Lombardy will take place and will start from Milan”. “The others – he says – have set up their electoral campaign on insult and controversy. I invite the peaceful people of the League to ignore the insults and the controversies and to carry forward facts and smiles. Let others argue with themselves The League – he concludes – is the party of ‘yes’; for ‘no’ choose between Pd and M5s”.