Autonomy, Salvini: “Ok CDM by the end of winter”

The deputy prime minister: “Time is money, so the sooner it comes the better for all of Italy”

“By the end of winter” the CDM will approve the autonomy reform. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, on the sidelines of a Lega gathering in Milan. “Time is money, so the sooner autonomy comes the better and for all of Italy. Especially for those citizens of central and southern Italy who, with bureaucratic and statist management, have services far from those of Lombard citizens, for example”, he added Salvini, giving the example of “health: if every year almost 200 thousand citizens from other Italian regions come to have surgery in Lombard hospitals, it is because something is not working in the other regions”.

Justice – Salvini also raises the reform of Justice and above all on the subject of interceptions. “There is a profound need for a justice reform made with magistrates and lawyers, not against each other. We need to target abuses and avoid that some courts are used by politics, without however making a bundle of all the grass. I believe that the political-judiciary clash must be overcome ”, Salvini reiterated. “I think 2023-he added-should be a year in which all the bodies of the state work together, so if there is any mistake, it is punished, but going back in the clash does not help anyone”.

seaside resorts – Another theme dear to the leader of the League is that of seaside resorts “which I hope will be closed positively by the summer with the OK of the associations once and for all”, he said. “We need to involve the associations and end the game once and for all. In respect of these 30,000 businesses and families. I spoke yesterday with Giorgia Meloni and we have an idea that coincides, so I realize that this too, after years and years of waiting, is a dossier that the new government is going to close”.

IRS – Commenting on Palazzo Marino’s choice not to adhere to the removal of the tax bills envisaged by the government, the minister defined it as “a pity” and announced that “we will propose that there be a more courageous intervention by the public on the removal of the tax bills which it affects almost one out of two Italians. In a time of economic difficulty for bills, mortgages and rents – he underlined – going to collect 10-15 year old tax bills outside makes no sense. I’m sorry that Milan has not joined: we will make the government dare even more”.

Regionals – Finally, the hope that “many Lombards will vote on February 12 and 13, because there is too little talk about it, especially on national television: millions of people in Lombardy and Lazio vote, so I hope that many will vote. I’ve been hanging out with Attilio Fontana for some time and I think there’s a very good atmosphere. I do not comment on the electoral campaign of others and I am sorry that it is often based on criticism of the insult and not on the proposal”, said Salvini, concluding: “From February 14, Attilio Fontana with the councilors and advisers of the League will be in the office to work, then the vote of the Italians is sacred, I can’t wait for it to arrive”.