Autoritratto, the new album by Renato Zero: “Women suffer the anger of men”

Renato Zero meets the press with that irony and lightness typical of someone who has an important experience from which to draw, for ideas and awareness, it feels like talking to a 73 year old boy. Before talking about himself and his music, he states: “Women today pay for everything that men fail to achieve and suffer all their anger. If men could give birth certain things wouldn’t happen. In the face of certain facts, I find it incredible that the lesson has not yet been learned”. He who as a young man was pointed out as “different”, he who made his revolution and has always put his face to it, once again he goes straight to the point and has his say on current events: “Never before has there been a need to take to the streets, even silently, but we have to take to the streets, certain victories are achieved in the streets. And again: We need to eradicate bureaucracy, in Rome there is no need for a step counter but for a pocket counter”. Between a question and a reflection he explains to us how Self-portrait was born from a need: “I wanted to take stock and not incense myself, I also saved myself from myself, the ego you can get depressed”. Spontaneously he says that he has achieved goals he never dreamed of, that he is pleasantly surprised when a 16-year-old boy on the street calls him Maestro, that his is a game that has become work and then also first aid, his songs have alleviated the suffering of many, including his. Our thoughts turn to the future, to kids, to trap music, for the artist, young people are victims of mismanagement. It all starts from the family, he says: “Don’t judge the kids but their lack of education.” He sees insecure young people and underlines that if you have a beautiful youth, old age becomes a wonderful journey. He does not spare the politics that he sees as distant from the new generations, he focuses on the issue of accommodation for students, an insult, he says, to ask 600 euros for a bed for university students. Young people should spend that money to travel the world.”

The interview

“There is no Renato Zero of today, of yesterday or of tomorrow – he tells us – there is the involutionary desire to go and fish out the ravines where I have not drawn sufficiently, where I have not been sufficiently exhaustive, according to my point of view view. The fact that I am now a little more aware of who I am allows me to make my task easier with regards to certain arguments and the use of music in a more structured, more profound form. I would like to advise all those who want to make music to never do it alone because music needs collegiality, it has to be done by many and then yes it is music! Then what Renato will be tomorrow also depends on what will happen from today onwards.”

We ask if he feels like a lucky man and he bluntly answers yes, but states that he has contributed to his fortune by always doing his part, he states that we are all called to put our signature on our work so as to contribute together to the future, to humanity. But what is freedom for Renato Zero? “Wars and everything that happens on the planet are far from that serenity, from that acquisition of that clear, total and solid freedom that we have been chasing since man has been present on the planet”, he reflects. “We are probably not destined to have everything for free, we must work for that freedom, for autonomy and above all for a guarantee of the future. We must all work well, present in our roles, we must not forget that everyone must feel responsible for their actions, we must remember that we are on the planet also to make a serious contribution to life.”

He talks to us about diversity, which for him who has been referred to as “different”, has always meant an incentive to uniqueness, while what hurts him is indifference: “Indifference – he says – prevents change, improvement. Being indifferent is not only a damage we do to ourselves but also to the community. I was not indifferent, on the contrary, I provoked people’s anger with a presence that was intended to be an incitement, I made myself a manifesto of a revolution also of customs, even of choices. Participation is the winning formula for unity, for that much-needed peace.” Renato speaks frankly: “You have to preserve your integrity, to always be credible”. He talks to us about that close and sincere relationship that unites him with his fans: “My audience educated me and I educated the audience. We used music, the stage to improve ourselves”.

Zero announces a new tour, admits that everything is still in the development phase, he hasn’t yet decided what it will be like but makes it clear that in the next concerts there won’t be the costumes, the hats, the many accessories that he has used in the past on stage, because , and we say this: Renato is Renato!













12. LIFE



Renato Zero is preparing to embrace his fans again with a series of Event Concerts, starting next March, which will see him as the protagonist in the sports halls of Florence (2-3-5-6 March 2024 at the Nelson Mandela Forum) and of his Rome (the 13-14-16-17-20-21 March 2024 at the Palazzo dello Sport), the perfect opportunity to listen live to the songs contained in Self-portrait and the best of his entire repertoire.