AutOutAut, the first edition of the “traveling” literary festival on diversity is underway

The first edition of AutOutAut, a “traveling” literary festival on diversity and independent living. From 20 to 24 September, between Monserrato, Iglesias and Cagliari, 15 of the most sensitive and eclectic writers on the Italian authorial scene will give life to a series of extraordinary meetings. Extraordinary because the common thread of the festival organized by the Cagliari association Differently Odvin addition to the mission of literary dissemination, is the crucial one of raising public awareness about autism spectrum disorders and law 112 of 2016, also known as the “After us” law.

The authors (with their works, none of which is on autism, let it be clear) in rigorous random flow Andrea Chimenti, Gabriella Caramore, Antonella Anedda, Alfredo Accatino, Antonio Moresco, Daniele Serra, Franca Mancinelli, Valerio Magrelli, Jonny Costantino , Silvio Raffo, Federico Ferrari, Rocco Familiari (web link), Roberta Castoldi, Massimo Zamboni have enthusiastically embraced the original project of the artistic director Alessandro Muroni: to make the presentation of their texts a unique performative event, studied for each single writer together with the director Senio Dattena, with measured lightness, of the daily problems, not generic, but personal of the individual who suffers from autism spectrum disorders.

The individual, autistic, who is unique, in fact.

One is different from the other. Like all of us.

Actors, musicians, dancers, even journalists, will be involved in what presents itself, therefore, as a very ambitious happening that has all the hallmarks of being unmissable, where there will be no shortage of concerts and screenings of cinematic gems. It starts on September 20th in the morning, with the exceptional reading by Valerio Magrelli at the Faculty of Humanistic Studies of Cagliari, at 11…

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The Festival and that meaning of the outside

The literary festival AutOutAut is a traveling artistic project that follows a cultural and social journey on traces of autism, with the intention of promoting life plans concrete for every single person autistic person in support and integration of the law on after us (n.112/2016). AutOutAut takes its name from the concept expressed by the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (the Enter-Eller, also called Either-or), in which two stages of life are highlighted: one is based on indifference towards moral principles and duties, in our case, indifference towards diversity and the resulting discomfort; the other, on ethical duty and on responsibility with the awareness, for us of the Different Odv association, that the arts return to supporting society.

L’Out that separates the two Aut it’s that out which holds together the two extremes of the concept, in which the differences and particularities that identify live every single person which has the right to be recognized as such, with its specific characteristics. In fact, to understand others it is not necessary to lock them up in a label that generalizes them (the “autistics”, for example). Everyone has their own identity which can take on multiple facets. AutOutAut will take care of representing these multiplicity. And he will do it in a completely new way through literature, poetry, theater and music in a continuous performative flow. If each person is different from another, an autistic person is different from another autistic person.

The Festival and intersubjectivity as otherness

AutOutAut it is the festival where the solitudes meet, in which the writers involved with their books create a reflective stimulus starting from the theme of loneliness of the other; in which theoutsider – from here theout which gravitates in the name of the festival – find home; where language is never taken for granted, even if it is the word itself. Each writer or guest writer will be part of one performance with the direction of a director and the participation of actresses, actors and musicians and each of these will be characterized byunpredictabilitywhat life looks like who must take care of an autistic daughter or son who lives in the uncertainty of tomorrow, when the who will no longer be present. The books presentedIndeed, they will not deal directly or indirectly with the topic of autism, but they will allow a broader vision of the dialogue on diversity that affects, inencounterthe universal chords of language.

The meetings of the AutOutAut Festival

The festival will be divided into three meeting opportunities – as it is precisely in recognizing one another that the other acquires a precise physiognomy beyond his characteristics:

1) with writers in the festival locations to discuss issues that concern some significant elements of the lives of autistic and non-autistic people: theOther and its solitudes, theImage and its representation, theObject and its portrayal, the Sound and its spread, lo Space and its extension;

2) at the University, with seminars held by some writers guests, reading and projections of movie;

3) in libraries and schools with laboratories And invitations to read themed held by directors and professional actresses and actors

The Festival and the law on after us

The festival AutOutAut it will be an opportunity to think about the feasibility of the law after us, verifying its progress, analyzing the proposals implemented over the years and considering the continuous and possible future improvements – how many concrete solutions have been implemented, in what way, if they have worked and how they can be improved – focusing on every single person in relation to itself e to his specific characteristics and needs for the country or city in which he lives.

AutOutAut it is not, therefore, just a literary festival, but a driving force that will continue over time to produce those ideas necessary for the self-determination of the individual with autism in relationships with others, to involve autistic people, with the collaboration of family members, to think about the opportunities offered by law on after us, starting from the analysis of the requirements necessary to take advantage of the expected benefits, up to the definition of a personalized project to experiment with, suited to your needs and characteristics. Prepare projects for independent living in a community perspective that may include the functional reorganization of spaces in the house And the identification of urban routes – in the centre, in the suburbs, in parks, in places of cultural interest – for welcome dialogue between autistic and non-autistic peopleto share differences through i different languages including play, sport, theater and music, building the foundation for that phrase urban of which the philosopher Jean-Christophe Bailly speaks in which stones, walls, asphalt, monuments, parks, abandoned lands, centers, suburbs, spontaneous greenery themselves constitute a language that speaks of places and its inhabitants.

The paths will constitute a model for autistic people and their families who will have free access to know-how produced through various dissemination channels of the festival and the Different Association;