Avanzers Italian Superheroes arrives in cinemas starting from July 20th

Earth is under attack again! Salvatore Download And Manuela Montella present Advances Italian Superheroesin cinemas starting July 20, 2023. Directed by Cosimo Bosco, Advances Italian Superheroes see in the cast Maurice Mattioli, Cyrus Villano, Frances Ceci, Giancarlo Del Diavolo, David Marotta, Walter Lippa, Marco Esposito, Maurice Siano, Jessica Botti, Anne of Auria, Francesco Gori, Simon Lucy, Raphael DeVita, Gerry Sica, Raffaele Carotenuto, Flavio Sly, Joseph Guastaferro, Pamela Formisano, Louis della Porta And Gennaro Mercatowith the extraordinary participation of Pier Maria Cecchini in the role of Notary Terco.

Gaetanos the destroyer of worlds and his army are willing to do anything to obtain the stone of power and become the undisputed rulers of the universe. The situation is critical and all seems lost, the world superpowers don’t know how to react and ask for help from the only people who are able to reverse this situation: the Italians! Misfits, criminals, witches and cockroach men take up the call to arms and take the field to do what they’ve always done best: solve problems with style. Advancers: let the match begin!

Italian reinterpretation of the famous The Avengers derived from Marvel comics, Advances Italian Superheroes has its roots in the long and prolific history of Hollywood cinema by referring to the great mockbusters of the 20th century, but with the desire to create a new line of inspiration: Spaghetti-fi. So continue the path started with Anatar, parody of James Cameron’s great success, and which will continue with other mockbusters. The film is inspired by some of the most famous parodies, such as Spaceballs by Mel Brooks, from 1987, a successful remake of the iconic star wars and all major science fiction sagas. Italian science-fiction cinema has always been characterized by fewer means available than Hollywood productions; most of the films produced were always low-cost, mostly shot in the 1960s riding on the success of American works and with infiltrations of other genres such as horror and comedy. We therefore find here too the reference to Italian science fiction cinema with references to masters of cinema such as Sergio Corbucci, Antonio Margheriti and Mario Bava, precursors of a genre that will never tire the spectator. The comic line is one of the peculiarities of the film, aimed at adults and children with the intention of making people smile and reflect, because all the references and subplots present want to teach us something, or at least remind us of it, pushing the limits of satire and political correctness. to debunk and at the same time highlight the stereotypes that characterize our beautiful country

Produced by Manuela Montella For Tyche Productions srl, Advances Italian Superheroes is written by Salvatore Downloadwho also executive produce, and is distributed by Green Film Ltd.