Avatar 2 always at the top of the box office, 2022 box office receipts

2023 starts with three Italian productions in the top ten

In Italy, cinemas in 2022 grossed around 306 million euros with around 44.5 million tickets sold. The pre-pandemic figures, however, are far away. The Anica report of 30 December last certifies a -48% in takings and -51% in attendance compared to the (already not exciting) average of the three-year period 2017-2019. Furthermore, Gower Street estimates the increase in takings in 2023 for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at only 7%, -30% compared to the three-year period 2017-2019. However, the leap forward compared to 2021 – marked by the reopening of cinemas on April 26, crippled (also) by the obligation to wear masks until June 15 – is remarkable: +81% takings and +79% attendance. The Anica report also notes, for Italian productions and co-productions, “a collection of almost 60 million euros for a number of admissions of around 9.3 million and a share of total admissions of around 21% in line with the average of local productions in the three-year period 2017-2019”.

To replenish the coffers at the end of the year, however, after days of lean, ‘Avatar: The water route’ which, from 14 December, continues its triumphal journey. James Cameron’s film has grossed just over 5 million euros in the last five days (Thursday 29 December 2022 – Sunday 1 January 2023) (+15%) with an average of 8,560 admissions, thus bringing the total collection. Waiting for the update on yesterday’s international data, at the moment the film has an income of 1.397 billion dollars worldwide, one step away from the 2022 record of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (1.488.732.821 dollars, threshold which will be bypassed already in the next few days).

Meanwhile, the Italian box office of 2023 awakens with ‘Three too many’ which grabs the second place. In just one day of programming, Fabio De Luigi’s film starring Virginia Raffaele collects 707,667 euros and 98,364 admissions, figures that bode well. The good performance of ‘The big day’ with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo is confirmed. The film collects 518,485 euros in one day and 1,646,215 euros in the segment 29 December 2022 – 1 January 2023: 4,852,562 euros in total. ‘The eight mountains’ follow, with 888,374 euros and a total of 2,244,016 euros. Muted debut, however, for ‘The best days’ of the couple Bruno-Leo, which in one day grossed 241,070 euros and an average of 793 spectators, however undermining ‘Puss in boots 2: The last wish’, with 167,227 euros (+110%), an average of 1,395 and a total of 4,161,143.

Therefore, 2023 starts with three Italian productions in the top ten. The driving effect can be ascribed to ‘The great day’, ready to overtake Andò’s ‘La stranezza’, best-grossing of the year with 5.5 million euros, both distributed by Medusa. In the viewfinder, however, there is the previous film of the comic trio: ‘I hate summer’ with 7.5 million euros in receipts (held back by the closure of cinemas in 2020).

Signs of life and appreciation for the Italian comedy. ‘Me against you – Lost in time’, in fact, the third chapter of the teen saga starring Sofi and Luì, had inaugurated 2022, bringing home 3.5 million, while the fourth chapter is arriving on 19 January. In the spring, however, ‘Corro da te’, a comedy awarded with 2 Nastri d’Argento, had forfeited 2.4 million euros in proceeds. While ‘Il Colibrì’ by Archibugi, in cinemas since 14 October, brought home 3 million euros. The adaptation of Veronesi’s novel shares the protagonist with the remake by Riccardo Milani: Pierfrancesco Favino, in both cases surrounded by a sumptuous cast.

If we add that Pirandello di Andò is Toni Servillo in tandem with Ficarra and Picone (a blockbuster duo, not surprisingly of Christmas 2019 with ‘The first Christmas’), the trend appears clear: beyond the American mega-productions, the actors of the Italian panorama are vital to bring the public back to the hall.