Avatar – The water route surpassed Titanic outside the US

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James Cameron surpasses James Cameron. The phenomenon can be summarized thus Avatar – The way of water, which proved to be a top-grossing film, especially outside the United States. Indeed, the film has passed the Titanic at the international box office with an estimated $1.538 billion. An extraordinary figure, which hardly anyone expected at the dawn of the film’s theatrical debut, it is also a sign that people want to go to the cinema, love shows and are passionate about this activity if valid proposals are brought in that are capable of attracting the attention and curiosity of the public.

The receipts of Avatar – The water way

THE almost 1,600 billion of the film’s grossing dollars amazed the many who thought that cinema had been supplanted by streaming platforms and that there would never again be receipts of this magnitude. Instead James Cameron still amazes and stands in front of Titanicwhich is no longer his second most successful film, having grossed the 1997 film 1.535 billion overall. Now, Avatar – The way of water it is not yet the film with the highest grossings ever abroad but it is in third place, following films of the caliber of the first chapter of Avatars and of Avengers: Endgamerespectively with 2 billion 138 million and 1 billion 941 million. James Cameron will hardly be able to conquer another step on the podium with Avatar – The water way but the result obtained is nonetheless respectable for the director, even if he runs the risk of losing even the third position, precisely in favor of Titanic. In fact, the 1997 film will be screened again in theaters around the world in a remastered version from next February 9th.

The plot of Avatar – The way of water

Avatar – The way of water is set about 10 years after the events that characterized the first chapter of the saga. It focuses on the events of the Sully family, composed by Jake, Neytiri and their children. Unfortunately, the family group is threatened by very serious danger and throughout the film it is shown how far the family is ready to go, everything they are willing to do to keep themselves safe. Between battles and tragedies, the family bond and union are the basis of this film, in which the viewer experiences the emotions of the protagonists up close and their ups and downs to stay alive.