Avril Lavigne confirms relationship with Tyga, kiss at Paris Fashion Week 2023

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Paris Fashion Week 2023 is giving emotions not only to fashion and style enthusiasts but also to celebrity enthusiasts. The most interesting gossip of these last few days of fashion shows concerns Avril Lavigne which is in the French capital col rapper Tyga. The two, on Monday 6 March, would have exchanged a kiss in public confirming the beginning of a love story.

The kiss at the Paris Fashion Week party

Galeotto was the Mugler party given in honor of Hunter Schafer, the new “angel” of the French fashion house. The Parisian event, which was attended by the most prominent personalities from the world of fashion and entertainment who are in Paris for the fashion shows these days, was the setting for a kiss between Avril Lavigne and Tyga who stood out among the invited for theirs relaxed air and extremely accomplice.
The trade press, with tmz extension in the lead, he had already reported, in the past days, the declarations of insiders who bet on the existence of a spark between the Canadian singer and the rapper. The kiss, now, would dispel any doubt. Between the two artists, who until recently were just good friends, things would change.

The rapper and the singer were good friends

Avril Lavigne and Tyga have already been spotted at the fashion shows and, in particular, they had gone together to the exclusive party organized by Leonardo Dicaprio in a restaurant in the Ville Lumiere on Wednesday 1st March. At that time Lavigne and Tyga had come from Kuku dressed in black to keep a low profile but those present had still kept an eye on them, especially since they had been caught in an embrace near the NOBU in Los Angeles.
The new couple would have formed recently, a few weeks from dissolution of the engagement by Avril Lavigne with Mod Suna union that had materialized in a marriage proposal made by the American musician to the singer of I’m With You about one year ago. The relationship was not working out and sources close to the couple had confirmed that the two had seen each other sporadically in recent months hoping to make things work, however there was no mention of the arrival of a third person to shuffle the cards.
As for Tyga, a source told People that he and Lavigne are “getting to know each other,” the relationship would be developing on a plane absolutely informal. Tyga and Avril Lavigne posed at the Mugler party photocall separately, like all the other guest stars, then reporters photographed them together on the runway and in the crowd while chatting with great complicity.