Avril Lavigne Gets ‘Serious’ With Mod Sun Amid Music Collaboration

The lyricist and composer reportedly Avril lavigne is ‘getting serious’ with Mod sun amid plans for a collaborative track.

An informant close to the magazine People he presented this news during a candid interview.

Lavigne, 37 years old, and Mod sun, 34, have worked together professionally since the beginning of the year and have collaborated on several songs together, including a simplified acoustic version of their hit, “Flames”as well as acoustics. Cover of Lavigne’s latest single, “Bite Me” – Mod Sun directed the music video, which was released on Friday.

There the source was quoted as saying: “Avril and Mod Sun are much more serious than people think. Every time her name is mentioned, she turns on. He helps her a lot creatively with her projects.”

Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun

The same source also added: “She is making a great comeback with her music. Travis Barker is really guiding her and giving her good advice and using her connections as well to collaborate and work with her.”

This news comes shortly after news of the duo’s collaboration hit the media.