Awards, to Enrico Montesano and 14 other cultural personalities the ‘Caravella Tricolore’

Ceremony in the presence of Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano

The actor Enrico Montesano was awarded the ‘Premio Caravella Tricolore’ for the art and entertainment section, “the only major ‘right-wing’ award in Italian politics” as the organizers claim, now in its tenth edition. Awards went to fifteen personalities representing the right-wing world in the fields of cinema, culture, information, of “a political right that today governs the country”, they reiterate. The Roman comedian Maurizio Di Battista presented the award to Montesano, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano. During the event, the ‘Book of Facts’ published by AdnKronos was distributed, the 33rd edition of which falls on the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the news agency by Giuseppe Marra.

“I’m happy to be here in this Decima – said Montesano ironically, at the center of strong controversy in the bloodiest period of the Covid pandemic and the vaccination campaign and who last year was removed from the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ program on Rai1, having worn an to wear the t-shirts he wants, without preclusions; a man free to create the culture he wants: I can read Prezzolini and Gramsci, I can read Serra and Veneziani, I have no prejudices, I have no barriers. I want to say what I think sincerely, conveying a word of truth”.

“On the occasion of the tenth edition, the recognition was also extended to the ‘Premio Caravella Tricolore nel Mondo’, awarding in Bangkok five entrepreneurs who operate in Thailand, together with the Italian ambassador – states Domenico Gramazio, president of the jury – In Rome we awarded fifteen personalities from the world of art, culture, entertainment and information, in the conference room of the Alleanza Nazionale foundation, presenting the Award plaque together with the ‘Book of Facts’ offered by AdnKronos. This event is a qualifying moment for right-wing culture, also confirmed by the presence of the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, who was awarded by us when he was director of Tg2. And on April 21st, we will continue with the Rome Christmas Awards”.

In addition to Enrico Montesano, the other prizes went to the Giorgio Almirante Foundation, costume and society section, “for its fruitful political, ideological and cultural commitment”; Bartolo Gallitto remembered “for his trade union and political activity”; Sarina Biraghi section journalism and commitment “for professionalism at the service of objectivity and truth”; Manuela Biancospino art, culture and journalism section “for the promotion of Made in Italy in the world”; Roberto Rossi journalism and trade union commitment section “for the professional path in all sectors of the mass media”; Don Antonio Coluccia religion and community section “for the courageous battle against injustice and illegality”.

And again: Nicola De Felice publishing and current affairs section for the book ‘Stop the invasion – The reasons for the naval blockade’; Alessandro De Lorenzo publishing and history section for the book ‘In the General’s archive’; the Amici di Luciano Sovena association, cinema and culture section “for its generous activity in favor of young talents”; the Zappavigna family catering and tradition section “for the promotion of Roman cuisine”; Roberto Gervaso cultural dissemination section to the memory “for the free and independent pen”; Luigi Laino health and medicine section “for the protection of young healthcare categories”; Daniele Taddei cine tv section structures “for cinematographic and television activities”; Stefano De Rosa publishing and Constitution section for the book ‘Referendum Abrogativo’.