Away with the cold and frost, the anticyclone arrives: Italy weather forecast today

The weather forecast until Thursday 25 January

A short, very short winter. In the next few days, in fact, cold and frost will give way to an anticyclone which will lead to an almost spring-like phase, with anomalous temperatures for the period. This the weather picture for today and tomorrow outlined by the expertswhich speak of over 10 degrees in the Po Valley, over 15 degrees in the Center and over 20 degrees in the South.

Experts’ predictions

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the website, confirms the expansion of the ‘fearsome’ North African anticyclone, with temperatures up to 10-12 degrees above the average for the period: as often happens in winter, the anomalies will be more marked in the mountains and in the Center-South and this anticyclone will be ‘fearsome’ as it will bring temperatures that are too high for our mountains.

But there will be exceptions, some disturbances will become apparent in this context of vast anticyclonic expansion: in the next few hours a mild passing disturbance will favor moments of instability on the Apennine ridge with some light snowfall above 1100-1300 meters up to the South. But from the afternoon , and at least until the end of the month, no other significant shocks are expected: high pressure will dominate with rising temperatures, skies mostly free of clouds with dry and mild weather.

Wednesday 24th will already show the first evident signs of anomalous heat, starting from the mountains, then the peak will be reached between Thursday and Friday when the freezing point will even reach up to 3900 metres, a typical altitude for the end of June – beginning of July.

In this context of flat calm we must be very meticulous to find significant weather details: here we point out the strong wind on the Alpine ridges between Wednesday and Thursday, then the possibility of fog banks from Thursday in the Po Valley during the night hours. At times, thin veils will also pass through but, as mentioned, subtropical anticyclonic stability will dominate.

This North African high pressure will remain centered between Spain and France and will extend its ‘arrogance’ over Italy at least until the end of the month, including the famous Blackbird Days (29-30-31): traditionally the last 3 days of January should be the coldest, well this year the Blackbird will not take refuge in a fireplace as per the popular proverb, it should remain white and not become black with soot.

Temperatures will still remain above the climatic average for the period until the beginning of February.

The forecasts in detail

Tuesday 23. In the north: partly cloudy skies. In the center: irregularly cloudy sky with some moments of instability. In the south: sunny weather except in the Apennines where even compact accumulations are not excluded.

Wednesday 24. In the north: more clouds on the plains and coasts, sunny on the hills. In the center: slightly cloudy. In the South: all sun.

Thursday 25. In the north: night fogs in the Po Valley, sunny and mild on the hills. In the center: clear or slightly cloudy. In the South: all sun.

Trend: North African high pressure field in unchallenged dominance.