Away with the scooters from Paris, they will go to London and Tel Aviv

Banned in Paris from September 1st, the 15,000 rental electric scooters currently in the French capital will be transferred to Lille, London and Tel Aviv. But also in Bordeaux, Copenhagen and Germany. After having welcomed them in 2018, the Ville Lumiere is the first European capital to establish an absolute ban on shared scooters, the so-called trottinettes.

The referendum

On the occasion of a referendum held at the beginning of April (which turned into a real plebiscite), 89.03% of Parisians spoke out against keeping scooters and in a month this ban will actually come into force. the ban only concerns shared electric scooters: those who have their own electric scooter can continue to use it. The service has so far been managed by the operators Dott, Lime and Tier Mobility who intend to continue working in Paris by establishing alternative services such as bike sharing. Lime has indicated that after a thorough check his Parisian fleet will be transferred to Lille, but also Copenhagen, London or Germany. Competitor Dott has already begun pickup from Paris to Bordeaux, Belgium or Tel Aviv, Israel.