Awkward: Ben Affleck seems to be in a difficult position between two Jennifers

The latent dispute between the wife of Ben AffleckJennifer Lopezand his ex, jennifer garnerhas put the actor Batman in a difficult situation, according to a new report.

The fuse, according to RadarOnline, was lit when the mother of Ben’s children, Jennifer Garner, veiledly mocked his current wife, Jennifer Lopez, for making a laughingstock of Batman’s stud.

J Lo, 53, would now reportedly love to unleash her true feelings after Garner, 51, admitted she doesn’t like seeing stories published about the power couple.

“I really work hard not to see any of us in the press,” Garner shared of her and Ben, 50. “It doesn’t make me feel good, even if it’s kind of nice about one of us. I don’t need to see someone in my family turned into a meme. Although, I’m sure it’s pretty meme-worthy, yeah!”

What may sound like an offhand comment is “a true F-you as far as J Lo sees it,” the source told the outlet.

“It’s Jennifer’s way of saying that Ben looks miserable and that all his public appearances are boring. How could J Lo not take it personally?

“Part of her wants to fire back and tell Jennifer off, but she’s smart enough not to make a big scene in public. So Ben will be the one to referee.”they added.

“It’s Ben’s worst nightmare,” the insider said. “It’s only a matter of time before those two women clash.”

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Garner was focused on her children developing a healthy relationship with their new stepmother, but insiders reveal that things may have changed when the “Last Thing He Told Me” star became the Ben’s support system in the midst of their alleged ongoing relationship. Relationship problems with Lopez.

There are rumors that the married couple have been feuding since he said yes last summer, adding that J Lo isn’t happy with her husband’s efforts to kick his longtime nicotine habit.